Welcome to the Brighton Book Festival 2024

Brighton's annual book festival is back for a third year with a phenomenal programme of 20 events on everything from comedy, beauty, food and romance writing, to activism, social justice and refugee voices. Check out our fantastic live events, workshops and online events and find your place at the book festival with a difference.

18-23 June 2024
Brighton University City Campus, Grand Parade, Brighton BN2 0JY

"Making the marginalised mainstream since 2022"

Food Glorious Food

We lurve food. We lurve culture. So, a combination of both seems like a dream Sunday afternoon. Top cookery writers bring not only their knowledge, but also tasters for you to enjoy. Join us we talk about the impact of great food in different cultures.

Tuck In

On the edge of your seat

Thriller and Suspense

Prepare for a gripping journey into the realm of suspense with acclaimed industry experts at our thrilling panel discussion. Uncover the art of keeping readers on edge and discover the global impact of thrillers beyond American suburbs. Hosted by Dorothy Koomson, renowned as the 'queen of the big reveal,' this event guarantees an electrifying treat for every thriller enthusiast!

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Workshops for poets and Performers

Poetry Workshop

At the Poetry Workshop, you'll get the opportunity to learn new skills in writing and performance from established Brighton-based poets Roy McFarlane and AFLO. the poet. You'll also be able to network with other poets and build your writing community. For those who want to, there's the chance to perform your work in the evening at the Poetry Cafe.

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  • From poets to actors. Home grown and across the globe. The book festival is a platform for authors and creatives.

  • Making space to share joy and laughter. Forging new bonds and networks. Learning from each other.

  • A space to make the changes that will impact future generations and support emerging talent.

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