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Around The Table

Around The Table

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Hey there foodies! Craving some literary flavor? Come join us at Brighton Book Festival for a mouthwatering journey through culture and cuisine! We're diving into what makes food tick – from tasty bites to Instagram-worthy dishes and the stuff that keeps us healthy. It's like a delicious buffet for your ears! It's what Sunday afternoons were made for. Don't miss out!

Gemma Ogston found her way to becoming a plant-based champion as founder and chef at Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen after a whirlwind career in travel, hospitality and welfare. She is a devoted mother of two children – who inspire her every day to work hard but maintain a healthy work and life balance. 

Janusz Domagala became the instant stand-out star on 2022's Great British Bake Off when he rightfully declared himself the "Star Caker in the Bake week" in episode one. Having moved to the UK from Poland 11 years ago, Janusz not only achieved his dream of appearing on the show but also went through to the semi-finals and his popularity with the British (and international) public has only grown along with this journey. A keen LGBTQIA+ activist, Janusz was named Gaydio's LGBTQ+ champion of the year 2023, is a regular at British Pride events and lives in Brighton with his partner and their sausage dog, Nigel.

Marie Mitchell is the chef and co-founder of Island Social Club, a sell-out Caribbean supper club aimed at filling the void left by the erosion of London’s once thriving Caribbean social scene. Once a deeply fussy child, nowadays she can often be found cooking, talking or writing about food. Based in East London, she believes that the best conversations are to be had at the dinner table, and she is an advocate for social inclusivity, sustainability, and creating spaces for self-care and mental health awareness.

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